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ANN: strictify 0.1

Dear Friend,

Have you ever stared at a maze of Haskell code and thought “Gosh, I’m just feeling lazy today. Everything works, and I mainly understand the strictness characteristics of my program. But I just can’t decide where to put those last few bangs. Maybe I don’t need to micro-optimize anyway.” Sure you have. It’s ok. You can let it out. You’re among friends here. Why, I bet you’ve even gone and sprinkled some bangs randomly, hoping for the best. We’ve all been there.

Maybe you even got those pesky strictness annotations right, but a new version of GHC with its ever improving strictness analyzer came along and rendered some obsolete. And yet there they still lie, consuming whole tens of picoseconds worth of your hard-earned processor cycles and troubling your dreams.

Well, friend, your dreams need be troubled no more. The time has come for a new era! The era of strictifiericization version 0.1. An era where you can kiss those micro-optimization troubles over silly shootout entries goodbye! Instead of brute-forcing your way through permutations of strictness entries let your computer do the work for you. That’s why we invented them after all!

Rather than putting “!” in just the right places, put “{- ! -}” in every place you _might_ want a strictness annotation. Then sit back, pop open a cool refreshing brew, and wait (and wait and wait) as strictify does the rest!*

Available now now now at hackage:
Darcs repository at:

*To prevent exponential running time, strictify only produces a local rather than global optimum of strictness patterns, which should be sufficient in 99% of all cases. Strictify only works on POSIX-compliant systems. Strictify is currently only suitable for “shootout”-style executables which are contained in a single main file, accepting input from argv, stdin, or both. Strictify will not fully execute until it recieves an EOF in stdin. If you cannot produce an EOF through ctrl-D and are not streaming an input file in, you may be forced to run “echo “” | strictify”. No guarantee is made, express or implied, as to strictify improving the speed of your program or your mental acuity regarding strictness. Offer void where prohibited. As strictify contains small parts, it is not suitable for children under the age of five. Do not ingest strictify more than seventy five times in a one hour period. If symptoms persist, consult your physician.

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